Voluntary work

Voluntary Work


An intrinsic characteristic of Radio Maria is that it is supported by an exceptional and special army of volunteers. Voluntary work is the catalyst by which Radio Maria operates and functions and is an essential ingredient of Radio Maria’s personality.

Radio Maria’s volunteers represent a large part of its human assets and are essential to the daily running of the radio station. Volunteers at Radio Maria include Presenters, Mixer/Operators, office staff, and many other areas in the life of the station.

A spirit of enthusiasm and commitment is essential, and is the life and soul of voluntary work with Radio Maria. The fundamental motivation to give freely of oneself is to realise that Radio Maria is at the service of Our Lady – and that the primary aim of the Station is to bring people to God, so that, in faith, they can discover the meaning of life.

The extraordinary phenomenon of voluntary work at Radio Maria is grounded by religious conviction. What motivates people to help Radio Maria in this way – to humbly sacrifice their time and effort – arises out of a genuine love for God and Our Lady.

Every volunteer should have a firm understanding of Radio Maria’s ethos, its history, organisation, its problems and unique personality. The work of the volunteer must always be carried out diligently, and must be professionally implemented, always keeping in mind that work carried out is at the service of Our Lady.

Radio Maria, from its conception, has recognised that the most important gifts are its spirituality and human resources, without which ample financial backing on its own would accomplish nothing.


Radio Maria Ireland, unlike other radio stations in Ireland, does not permit advertising – which makes us unique. We receive no financial assistance from the Catholic Church or other ecclesiastical institutions – and so rely completely on Divine Providence and the generosity of our devoted listeners.

Radio Maria also benefits from the many volunteers who play a central role in the operation and running of the radio station. Our volunteers are people of all ages who feel called to respond to Christ’s message of spreading the Good News.
Volunteers can use their talents and become involved in many ways:

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