Radio Maria Ireland

Radio Maria Ireland


Radio Maria Ireland is an Irish organisation staffed by dedicated professional and volunteer staff. It operates as a not-for-profit, non-commercial, internet-streaming radio station. Our goal is to expand our broadcasting capabilities through DAB, cable and satellite, in order to reach a wider audience.

Though not directly connected with the Roman Catholic Church, Radio Maria operates as an instrument of the Church and as a tool for evangelization. It is obedient to the Magisterium of the Holy Catholic Church.

Our aim is to bring Christ into every Irish home through home-produced programmes that serve the spiritual, educational and social needs of listeners – both at home and abroad – while having a profound respect for the specific diversity and richness of each ethnic group.

Radio Maria Ireland in a spirit of total trust in Divine providence, relies totally on the financial support of its listeners and friends. Advertising or sponsorship is not permitted. Radio Maria Ireland is not subsidised or funded by the Catholic Church. This model has proved successful for the 75 Radio Maria stations that currently operate around the world.

The umbrella body of Radio Maria, the World Family of Radio Maria (WFRM), has its legal headquarters in Rome, Italy. The administrative and technical office are based in Casciago, near Milan. WFRM shares its expertise and know-how with Radio Maria Ireland in order to help it achieve its mission. This enables us to ensure that our office and broadcasting facilities operate to the highest professional, technical and editorial standards.

In essence, Radio Maria is about reawakening our faith, is a call to conversion and a return to prayer, culminating in helping the Church in its mission to save souls. Hence, Radio Maria has a very strong missionary dimension, where all who work there are apostles and witnesses to Christ.

We ask Our Lady for her protection, so that we may always remain faithful to our Mission Statement:

‘Radio Maria Ireland’s mission is to help communicate God’s divine love and mercy for all mankind through the teachings and sacraments of the Catholic Church.  Being a School of Prayer, our aim is to help people find the meaning of life in the Gospel of Jesus Christ, through the intercession of Our Lady’


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