Communicating our Faith

Communicating our Faith


Modern-day life presents to the believer many material and spiritual challenges. One such challenge is the renewal of the Catholic faith. Our world today, and in particular Europe, is experiencing a spiritual crisis. In a context where the predominant philosophy is secular and intolerant of gospel values, Radio Maria is called to assist in the revitalization of the Catholic Church, supporting believers and helping in the work of re-evangelization.

Europe has become one of the most demanding testing grounds in which a service of witness is necessary.  We are living at a time which has become increasingly secular and materialistic and where Christianity has been marginalised and denigrated.

So how does Radio Maria provide listeners with support and service in the Church today? 

Pope Benedict says: 

“The media are a very powerful weapon: they create and shape public opinion. But the same communication media can become a shield for faith and an evangelising pulpit for millions of people. Radio, television and press are essential elements for a renewed announcement of Christ in the contemporary world” (Pope Benedict XVI – World Day of Social Communications, 2012). 

Pope Francis has said: 

“Today, a Catholic radio is the closest pulpit we have. Radio is where we can proclaim human values, religious values and, above all, proclaim Jesus Christ, the Lord; give the Lord the grace to find room among our things” (Pope Francis). 

The role and mission of Radio Maria in evangelization is unique. Radio Maria Ireland realise that we have been entrusted with a sacred mission.  While supporting the Magisterium of the Catholic Church and witnessing to the teachings of Jesus, our charism invites conversion by communicating God’s divine love and His mercy for every individual person.

Through our School of Prayer at Radio Maria, we encourage and assist people with their prayer life leading to a more personal relationship with Jesus.  In all of this we are collaborators with Our Blessed Mother in building up the Body of Christ (the Church) in our world today.


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