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Over the years, Radio Maria has overcome many problems and obstacles on its global journey of spreading the Good News. It has achieved this with a spirit of sacrifice and absolute faith founded on its Marian spirituality.

Prayer is the life and soul of Radio Maria and is the bedrock of its programming. The saying: “The family that prays together stays together” (Fr Patrick Peyton, CSC) holds true with Radio Maria. Prayer helps build a world family – it creates a deep, intimate and very personal relationship with God, thus creating a vital communion among its listeners at home.

Prayer at Radio Maria is broadcast live and interactive, allowing listeners at home the opportunity to call and pray together at these times. Cardinal Christoph Schonborn (Archbishop of Vienna) once said: “The unique characteristic of Radio Maria is that it builds an authentic family.”

Radio Maria invites its listeners – those who are regular and those who stumble upon Radio Maria by chance – the opportunity to come closer to God through prayer. Throughout the day and night, the programming schedule is immersed in prayer, including: Morning and Evening Prayer (Lauds and Vespers), the Rosary and the Angelus, culminating in the celebration of the Holy Mass, thus harmonising with the rhythm of prayer of the Church.

Other programmes include the opportunity for listeners themselves to phone in requesting prayers and, indeed, solace from the priest on air. Given that we perceive prayer as central, every Radio Maria station, including Radio Maria Ireland, has a chapel whereby staff, volunteers and members of the public can come to pray with the listeners. By all praying together we experience the presence of Jesus who said: “For where two or three are gathered in My name, there am I in the midst of them” (Mt 18:20). Prayer is the driving force behind Radio Maria, thus allowing the Holy Spirit to breathe life on the entire project.

The strong bonds through prayer between Radio Maria and its listeners, become important channels of spreading the Gospel and God’s love for all.



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